Synthetic Cloths

Innovative Solutions for Professional Cleaning: Synthetic Cloths and Cloth Rolls

Synthetic Cloths and Cloth Rolls: Innovative Solutions for Professional Cleaning

At Hilados Biete, we offer a wide range of synthetic cloths made with innovative fabrics to address cleaning needs across various sectors.

Types of synthetic cloths tailored to each industry's needs:

  • Microlite Cloth Roll: With Spun Lace technology and non-woven fabric, these synthetic cloths are ideal for cleanrooms, ensuring optimal contamination control by not harboring bacteria.
  • Cross Cloth: Perfect for all surfaces due to their high absorption and durability. Available in universal rolls of 8, 6, and 4 meters, as well as individual cloths measuring 38x38 cm.
  • Printex Cloth Roll: Specifically designed for cleaning in graphic arts and workshops, these synthetic cloths offer high absorption capacity for ink, toner, grease, and chemicals.
  • Higienic Cloth: Chemical-resistant and lint-free, this cloth is the perfect choice for hair salons and beauty centers.
  • Frosty Cloth Roll: With a length of 14 meters, these cloths offer excellent liquid and oil absorption, making them ideal for the Horeca industry and delicate mechanics.
  • Crystal Cloth: With latex coating, these synthetic cloths are ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors, and delicate surfaces.
  • Chamois and Leather Cloths: For a perfect finish in cleaning and drying.
  • Ecobayeta: Made with viscose microfibers, these cloths are ideal for office cleaning.
  • Multisoft Cloths: Available in four colors to prevent cross-contamination and comply with HACCP standards.
  • Bubble Cloths: Provide streak-free wet cleaning thanks to their superior bubble absorption capacity.

Explore our selection of synthetic cloths and cloth rolls and find the perfect solution for your professional cleaning needs. Trust in Hilados Biete to obtain high-quality products that boost efficiency and excellence in your business. Our synthetic cloths are essential for bathroom cleaning and hygiene.