Abrasives & discs

Abrasives & discs

Abrasives and Scourers for Industrial Cleaning.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of scourers and abrasives aimed at satisfying the most demanding quality standards in industrial cleaning. All of them available in different formats and units to adjust to the needs of each client.

Stainless steel scourers, essential for cleaning in communities and industrial kitchens. They are resistant and durable scourers that do not rust or accumulate grease.

Extra quality handgrips sponges, very resistant, with abrasive particles spread throughout the fabric and a sponge protects nails. They are designed to facilitate cleaning on difficult surfaces where dirt is embedded.

Scourers and rolls of scourers coded in colors according to their level of abrasion, which guarantee the correct cleaning of each type of surface without damaging them.

Scourer stone pomez made with 100% ecological material, highly demanded in cleaning hotel kitchens, restaurants as they facilitate the cleaning of embedded grease from grill plates, etc. effortless.

Abrasive discs with 5 different diameters and different degrees of abrasion that allow the scrubbing and polishing of hard and soft floors.

Aquamagic sponge eraser or magic eraser, which allows the effortless cleaning of stubborn stains on surfaces as varied as a tile or a wall.