Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre Cloths

Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning Companies.

Within our range of cloths, the microfiber cloths stand out. Perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and drying surfaces.Available in four colors, they help meet HACCP standards and prevent cross contamination.

They are very resistant and absorbent microfiber cloths and all our models can be washed by hand and machine.

Terry microfiber cloth with extra thick microfiber fabric with Terry technology with active microfibers, deep cleaning of all types of surfaces.

Microglass microfiber cloth with optimal drying with microfiber. Designed to clean windows, mirrors, dry glasses and glasses in the hospitality industry.

Microkey microfiber cloth, so effective that it does not need chemical products as it cleans perfectly with just water.

SuperJim microfiber cloth made of extra thick microfiber with a star structure to capture dirt. As it is a long-life cloth, we recommend it for cleaning surfaces in restaurants, bars and cafes.

Aquamax microfiber cloth with great absorption power, available in cloth roll format or in packs of six cloths.

Micro-T microfiber cloth made with active microfibers for perfect cleaning without fingerprints. Very versatile cloth suitable for cleaning greases, mirrors, toilets, vitroceramics, floors, doors, etc.