In hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms is absolutely mandatory to control the suspended particles, among others risks to maximize the levels of cleaning and disinfection.

The use of the most appropriate techniques and products in health services is essential to break the epidemiological chain of possible infections.

A correct use of our materials helps to maintain high levels of hygiene, reducing cross contamination, risks of infections in common areas, critical areas and sanitary areas.

Do you know LCM SYSTEM (Cleaning with Microfibre)?

Our LCM System (Cleaning with Microfiber) is recommended for hospital cleaning, in clinics, nursing homes and cleaning maintenance  where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is required and it is necessary to avoid cross contamination A complete cleaning with microfiber system (wipes, mops, hermetic buckets and trolleys) that reduces time, material and , in short, costs.

* With microfiber, increased dirt collection

Microfibers are polyester and / or polyamide filaments 10 times thinner than a human hair. Its star structure facilitates the entry and collection of dirt. They have a resistance to washing, rubbing and wear far superior to traditional wipes. Excellent results thanks to impregnation + microfiber.

*Ergonomics and ease of use

Without wringer and consequently less effort during the cleaning operation.

*Costs reduction

Reduction of chemical products up to 80% and reduction of water up to 90% so that they are environmentally friendly.
Increased efficiency thanks to the advantages of velcro, hands-free and wet mopping systems. The reduction of the effective time dedicated to work guarantees a lower staff cost.

LCM Hospitalaria RESSOL

*High level of cleanliness. (Avoid the risk of cross contamination)


The chemical solution always remains clean when using a mop for each room. The use of a 40 cm mop is recommended for each room of 20-25 m2. For optimal distribution of the disinfectant, it is recommended to start from the door by carrying the mop to the opposite side of the room, leaving a band impregnated in the center of the room.
From this point you work backwards with “S” movements, spreading uniformly the disinfectant previously applied in the center of the room.
Valid for any of the “velcro” or “wet mopping” system.

LCM Hospitalaria RESSOL