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Industrial mops made of Microfiber and Cotton for Professional Use

Discover our extensive selection of industrial mops and professional mops, ideal for demanding commercial environments. Manufactured with top-quality materials, our mops are designed to deliver optimal performance in cleaning a variety of surfaces and levels of dirt.

What types of industrial mops do we offer?

  • Microfiber Mops: Available in various styles, including strips, layers, and innovative bicolor models, designed for maximum dirt capture and durability.
  • Cotton Mops: In different thicknesses and colors, all equipped with a double universal thread cap for easy adaptation to any handle.
  • Micro Cotton Mops: A perfect combination of microfiber and cotton for superior performance, available in 4 colors to prevent cross-contamination.

What is the difference between professional mop models?

Our range includes professional Terry, Tex-Med, and cross-strip mops, each designed to meet specific cleaning needs such as quick drying, drag capacity, and resistance to chemicals.

Why choose our industrial mops?

We manufacture our industrial mops to the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring efficient and durable cleaning in a variety of environments, from hospitals to gyms. Additionally, we always have stock available to meet the demand of our customers.

At, we are committed to providing superior quality cleaning products that meet the professional cleaning needs of your company. Explore our collection of industrial mops and professional mops and choose the perfect option for your business.

More information about our industrial mops here: MAGIC MOP