Prevención COVID-19

Prevención COVID-19

Disposable products for the prevention and disinfection of COVID-19

We have a wide range of disposable products and cleaning tools for the disinfection and prevention of surfaces in environments sensitive to bacteria and viruses such as COVID 19.

Products used in professional cleaning such as Microlite cloths made of non-woven fabric with Spun Lace technology, highly resistant to chemicals. Used for their great efficiency and results in disinfection of floors, walls, ceilings and contact surfaces in hospitals, laboratories and the food industry.

Disposable coronavirus prevention products, such as seat covers, capes, towels, sheets or disposable pillow covers, which eradicate the proliferation of viruses and bacteria in beauty salons, hairdressers and beauty salons.

We also have disposable personal prevention products against coronavirus such as masks, protective face shields, pants, bibs and single-use gowns.

And waste containers with zero direct contact pedal lid, in different sizes and finishes. Color-coded in accordance with ACCPP standards for selective waste collection.

To help comply with the Covid security protocols, we have added to our catalog the totem hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and tape to limit the safety distance.